Illegal coupons that work

The Balance Is It Illegal to. selling the service or buying from the service does not appear to be illegal, but the coupons that are mailed out are void and have.I want to make sure that everyone knows about the crazy fraud that goes on.


When I coupon, I always present the coupons up from and put the items that I have coupons for at the end.

Professionals in the coupon industry believe this show creates unrealistic expectations about how coupons work and.

If you live and shop here then you know that the grocery chains here have their policies all set up AGAINST extreme couponing.The problem is that some of the extreme couponers profiled on the show have been known to and are shown committing fraud.In fact, some of the individuals featured on the show are ladies that I had previous recommended.But with the coupon shopping, I shop every week for whatever is on sale and is possible free with coupons, and other offers such as stacking, rewards, or other combinations that are perfectly legal.Asking printers for left over coupons that might not have been distributed that week.

A lot depends on the store policies in your market and the sales of the week.Amassing coupons through various means (discussed more below).I wonder if the grocery industry reps would like some cheese with that wine.Save up to 50% Off with current adifferentdirection coupons, 37 valid coupon codes and 2 free shipping codes in November 2017, 13 coupon codes have been.I hope they crack down on those who are committing fraud so that the rest of us can live.I used to defend these folks until I saw just how bad the act of extreme couponing actually is.Dumpster diving for coupons that might have been tossed out by others (illegal in some areas).

Where I used to work, half of the coupons that even came from the store.

I had the opportunity to speak to a PR representative that works with My purpose was to determine how they felt about extreme couponers and their shopping tactics.You can read an in depth expose about that process in this amazing article written by Jill Cataldo with input and assistance from from many frugal bloggers.If your store is not being reimbursed for coupons, they will roll back programs that benefit customers.The show has enlightened a lot of people (including me) and watching the show is both informative and so extremely frustrating for those of us who try to comply with the rules of life (whether it is about coupons or not).They help up the lines and WAITED for 2 friends to show up to help.Way back in March of 2009 I recommended a series of videos by the Double Savings Divas on how to rack up at CVS.Some couponers have deciphered the bar code and are using coupons meant for one item or line of items for a completely different item ( i.e. using Fibre One coupons on Cheerios ).Few blogs have taken the time to see how the coupon industry and manufacturers feel about the extreme couponing strategies that have been employed by some shoppers featured on the show.

That being said, though, if I see a coupon for an item that I regularly use, I will clip it and use it.On Monday I just happened to arrive at a check-out behind a shopper that was presenting about 50 coupons.In fact, I was couponing even when I was a single parent working full time.But inducing Medicare Part D beneficiaries to use coupons is illegal. So.I appreciate those who save up to 60% on a grocery bill, but saving 80-97% is not impossible.

Although Extreme Couponing might be unrealistic for the average person, the coupon industry does want you to save money.

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An hour or so of prep work is do-able even when both adults work full time.I think more coupon companies are going towards digital and home printed coupons.

But none of the coupon codes work and it only tells me abt deals that are already happening, regardless of this app.She was allowed to use store circulars, online coupons, and the app Grocery IQ.These can only be used in-store only and work just like cash and will apply to the.I think if you have to do all that then you are committing fraud.These people take every opportunity to block every little people find to save a little money.Some of the other couponers were also quite responsible and great representatives of the frugal community.Circumventing online coupon printing limits by printing coupons from multiple computers within a home.Is it legal for a business to buy items at a retail store and then turn around and re-sell it.